The Mystery of Everdark Falls

Session 1

Where Are We?

Waking Up in the Basement

Four adventurers slowly begin to wake up in a dimly lit basement.  A barbarian named Wix is chained to one corner of the room injured and unarmed.  The other three lay around each other in a circle on top of a dusty rug in the middle of the floor.  In the center of them lies a mysterious amulet.  As the party awakes, a wizard named Whitme (yes Whitme, not to be confused with Whitney) snags the amulet while the others aren't looking and attempts to store it in his pouch.

There is much confusion in the party as everyone tries to figure out who they are and why they're here.  An artificer named Freid goes over to Wix to try and unshackle him from the wall.  He's met with a swift kick from Wix, who is startled and unsure what Freid's intentions are.  However, Wix is ultimately free from his chains.

Whitme realizes that the amulet seems to have somehow made its way outside the pouch and bounces on the floor.  This catches Freid's attention who questions Whitme about it.  Whitme convinces him that the amulet is his, although Freid can tell that it has some sort of dark magic surrounding it.

The room has a large mirror on one side.  On the other side of the room is a set of stairs leading up to a hatch in the ceiling.  Something is odd about the mirror.  The players realize that the reflection in the mirror doesn't seem to match what's actually in the room…  A halfling barbarian named Nedara and her mastiff pet Brutus begin to examine the mirror to see if it comes off of the wall and also try slashing at mirror, which only causes the weapon to skid off the surface.

Whitme pulls up the rug in the room to find a key, which he tries to use on a door that is opposite of the mirror to no avail.  The key just spins in the lock.  Whitme tries to push and pull the door, with no success. Being the clever wizard he is, he tries sliding the door to the left which reveals a passageway under the staircase.  Nedara realizes that the door isn't open in the mirrors reflection…

Inside the passageway is a small chest and a large lever on the wall.  While investigating Wix pulls on the lever, which doesn't seem to affect anything (although the players later find out that the lever activated a trap with the ceiling hatch and the staircase).

To be safe, Whitme pulls the chest out of the passageway and attempts to open it.  Using the key he found earlier, the top of the chest pops open, but also unleashes a poison dart, sticking Whitme right in the neck.  Fortunately Freid is able to heal the poison, and the party finds that the chest contains 25 gold pieces, a battleax, a blank scroll, and a lantern.  Wix takes the battleax, and Whitme pockets the other items.

Freid and Wix make their way up the stairs to investigate the hatch.  Next to the hatch is a panel with 4 switches that can be moved with up or down.  However, they are all currently in a "middle" position.  While investigating, Wix notices that in the mirror the switches are different – from left to right, they're in the down, up, down, down position.  He tries that on the panel.  All of the sudden, the stairs retract into the staircase, leaving a flat, slippery surface that sends Wix and Freid sliding into the side of the wall.  As they begin to slide, a row of spikes quickly protrudes from the wall.

Freid bravely blinks away to the middle of the room leaving Wix to slam right into the spikes.  However, he gives him a pity heal to make up for it.  The players give it another shot, this time tying a rope around Wix so that if it triggers, he'll be able to be pulled to safety.  Again, the trap triggers, but this time Wix is safe.

Whitme realizes that the reflection in the mirror is reversed and suggests trying down, down, up, down instead.  Wix gives it a shot, and click the hatch unlocks.  Whitme has been thinking about the amulet the whole time and has a strong urge to put it on, which he does right before the players make their way up the hatch.

Exploring the House

The players find themselves in a dusty old house in what looks like a living room.  There are a couple doors leading outside of the living room, and across from the hatch is a window where the players can see outside.  Whitme, Wix, and Nedara make their way to the window to find out what they can see.  It's fairly dark and seems like it may be night.  The room has a table in the center and a couple chairs strewn about it, one of them tipped on its side.  There are a few cobwebs around, and the floorboards seem to creek as the players take a look around.

Freid spots a fireplace on one side of the room and makes his way there to take a look around.  As he pops his head in he's suddenly engulfed by a swarm of spiders who begin munching on him.  Another swarm skitters out and heads for Whitme.  Before they get there, a large spider leg comes out of the amulet, across Whitme's chest, and then another across the other way.  A huge spider pulls itself out of the amulet, pushing Whitme to the side.  The swarm of spiders begins attacking the large one, who flails about while Wix hacks all the spiders to pieces.

Whitme calmly gets up off the ground and begins walking to the lower door.  Suddenly he realizes where he is and seems to have had no control over his body or memory of what happened since he was on the ground.

While this is happening, Nedara rushes over to Freid's aid, and both of them make short work of the swarm that began attacking him.

The party turns on the remaining swarm and large spider to finish them off.  When the large spider is killed, it turns to a shadow and fades into the wall, completely disappearing.  Whitme doesn't seem to trust the amulet and takes it off, setting it on the table while the party regroups.


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