The Mystery of Everdark Falls

Session 2


The players catch their breath from the battle with the spiders as they determine what their next move is.  When Whitme sets the amulet down on the table, Freid finds it odd and again questions where it came from.  Whitme doubles down on the lie that it belonged to him, but Freid sees right through it and forces him to come clean.

Freid and Nedara begin to theorize about the amulet and devise methods to learn more information from it.  While Freid begins drawing a glyph on the ground to test it magically, Nedara's scientific method is more "smashy-smashy" based.  Nedara swings her weapon forcefully only to have it reflect off the amulet like the mirror.

While this is going on, Whitme begins investigating the house, and decides to open a door on the opposite side of the room, only to reveal a small hallway with another door.  Wix investigates the window.  As he peers outside, he realizes that he can see some ground across a dark plane, and then nothing.  Even with his dark vision, it's as though he's looking out into an abyss.

The party seems restless as the glyph still isn't finished, and Nedara continues to investigate the room.  She notices a set of claw marks on the other door in the room.  Apparently, that's a positive sign, so she decides to fling the door open as Wix readies himself on the adjacent wall.

The door reveals a kitchen covered with giant rats.  The rats' heads spin around as they dash towards the door, leaving their spoiled food behind.  Luckily for the party, the rats hit a choke point at the door.  Freid gets annoyed that the party can't wait 5 minutes for him to finish his glyph, but drops what he's doing and springs to action.  He casts a grease spell on the floor in front of the door, leaving the rats slipping and sliding all over the place while the others slash them all down.

With a pile of rat carcasses now lying lifeless in the kitchen, Freid goes back to finishing his glyph, which attempts to see if he can move the amulet temporarily into another dimension.  Surprisingly, the amulet falls through and is unable to be moved.  The party decides to rest in the house and heal up.

When they wake up from an uneventful night, something weird is happening.  It feels like it's morning, but outside, it's still dark.  The party makes their way outside to find themselves in the middle of a town.  As they begin to look around, they notice a large well in what looks like the town center. 

The Well

Wix drops a light down into the water to reveal that it's quite deep, and also that there seems to be an object at the bottom.  Jumping in and swimming to the bottom, he attempts to retrieve what appears to be a large metal container.  Unfortunately, it seems to be stuck to the bottom.  Freid conjures up a grappling hook and Wix affixes to the box and swims up.

Using all of his might Wix and the others pull on the rope and dislodge the box.  Suddenly, a metal plate cuts through the water, partway down, trapping the box underwater.  Afraid of getting into trouble, the party decides to move on and sees a large structure to the north of the fountain.  Whitme and Nedara make their way to the front door, while Freid and Wix explore behind the structure.  They realize that when they get to the edge of the town, they seem to be on the edge of some sort of cliff, with nothing but a black abyss.

Exploring the Inn

For some reason the party feels like it's a good idea to split up, so while Whitme and Nedara go through the front door, Freid and Wix begin climbing a ladder to a series of second story windows.  While peering thorough the windows, they find four rooms that all look very similar, and decide to bust through.

Meanwhile, Whitme notices that the amulet is slightly glowing when near a large wall mirror and Nedara realizes that the reflection of the mirror is missing a decorative statue that's on the other side of the room.  Nedara makes eye contact with the statue and  begins to charge it at full-speed, knocking it onto the ground.  When Nedara turns her back, the statue animates and begins swinging.

Hearing the commotion, Freid and Wix run for the staircase to head to the first floor as quickly as possible.  As Freid steps onto the staircase, a rug on the ground rolls up a bit as if to trip him, but he makes his way down, barely noticing.  Nedara and Whitme are in the heat of battle as Wix and Freid get down the stairs.  Out of nowhere, a rolled-up carpet rolls down the stairs after Freid and unfurls itself at his feet, desperately trying to wrap itself around and suffocate them.  At the same time, another carpet on the ground begins to animate as Whitme runs by it.  As it attempts to grab him, a dark shadow spider leaps out of the amulet and the carpet wraps itself around the spider instead.

The carpet crushes and begins to suffocate the spider while the other three take down the statue and carpet on the other side of the room.  Whitme drops what he's doing and begins walking toward the door with a glazed look in his eyes.  The party destroys the rug that was killing the spider and with the final blow, the spider turns to a puff of dark, black smoke that dissipates into the air.  Whitme comes-to, wondering what happened.


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