Dark Amulet

Originally found in the Basement of an old house, the amulet seems to have some dark powers.

A few things Whitme knows so far about the amulet:

  1. Whitme is drawn to it
  2. Whitme seemed to not be in control of his body while wearing it
  3. Whitme knows that he tried to carry it in his pouch, but somehow it got out
  4. The amulet began to glow when close to the mirror in the inn

A few things the players know so far about the amulet:

  1. <s>Players believe that it belongs to Whitme</s>
  2. It has a dark source of power
  3. At one point the amulet summoned a large shadow spider
  4. It seems indestructible and can't be moved into another dimension


Dark Amulet

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